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Tuesday's Air!

Janet B

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happy Tuesday everyone!

It is a cold one today. 23 degrees now, with a wind chill of 9. When I left this morning for the farm, my car was covered with snow and ice and it was so bitter I considered crawling back into my bed! After all, I thought, how many preschoolers were going to show up at the farm in this bitter cold? They ALL showed up! It was way too cold to take them on the farm tour, so we brought several of the animals in to the classroom space. The kids thought having a goat inside was pretty cool!

Then I came home and decided to clean. I opened the toilet tank to drop in a cleaning tablet and the whole inside mechanism fell apart and water went shooting all about the room and all over me. COLD water. I was so shocked it took me several seconds to turn off the water. I was soaked and the bathroom was too. That was the end of cleaning! I have my pajamas on at 2 in the afternoon, eating a yummy snack and calling it a day!

Hope you are all warm and dry and having a good day!


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Janet - I am cold just reading about your day so far! Cold here too, but the sun is shining. Strangely though the air quality is really bad and people with problems are supposed to stay indoors. You'd think with the sun out the air would be good - but guess that's not how it works. I've been feeling miserable. Even a trip out to the garage does me in. I am supposed to go see a movie tomorrow with a friend that I've been looking forward to, but it's looking like I may have to cancel. I just hate canceling on friends because of my health. I guess I'm afraid they'll decide at some point that trying to make plans with me is just too iffy and I slow them down. Which is true really, I can't keep up like I used to and I don't blame them -- but I HATE IT!!!!! Oh well, enough whining.

I have wanted to start watching Downtown Abbey because so many people have recommended it -- am hoping I can pick up the first season and start watching it an hour or so at a time. Am finding with the air this bad I need to rest for an hour or so in the afternoon so figured that would be a good way to spend it.

We're planning a trip down to the coast, mostly to see if I can breathe better down there. I always love the coast anyway and it will be nice to get out of the valley for a few days.

I hope Tuesday is treating everyone well.


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Hi everyone! Got my computer issues taken care of I "think" so hopefully I can continue posting.

Weather here is brutal to say the least. Last night it dropped to 6 degrees and today's high was 15 :( Apparently tomorrow snow is rolling in :(

I did venture out today and took a ride into Missouri. Had to warm the car for 15 min before I was willing to even get in it! LOL

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