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Not that I've been very productive this week, but I sure still happy it's Friday afternoon.

Still a little under the weather, but so far the prednisone doesn't have me climbing the walls and I did get some stew made this afternoon. I did want the ingredients to go to waste, so had to get it made while Chuck wasn't home. He is one of these guys who doesn't want anything "weird" in his food. This stew called for orange juice, orange peel and cinnamon, and if he knew he'd have refused to even taste it - fruit in his stew!! - but what he doesn't know won't hurt him :)

Still cold, dreary, and dirty air. The air is supposed to be bad until the first of next week at least. Sometimes we talk about moving over toward the coast. I'm sure it would be better for my lung, but I really don't want to be that far (2-1/2 - 3 hours) away from my grandchildren.

Is everyone ready for Super Bowl? My whole family are football fanatics - except me. I used to go to the mall during Super Bowl -- it's great, no one there! We may go out to a party if I'm feeling good - and I'll definitely enjoy the food, but if I felt up to the walking I'd definitely be at the mall!

Hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend.

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Great weather her Diane just a little down I 5 from you! lol

It feels so good to me to have these warm temperatures and sunshine. Still trying to get myself back in gear. I am having a lot of back and hip pain first thing in the morning. I did go to fitness class this morning. It hurts like heck while I am doing it but I do notice some relief afterwards so it is worth the temperary spike in pain.

I need to go shopping in a short while while I am still feeling pretty good. I need a few things and have to get ice cream for our social. It all but stopped while I was gone so I am trying to get it and other things going again.

I will watch the Super Bowl Sunday and instead of the fried chicken I was going to have I will see if I can maybe eat some meatloaf or fish. Hard to have something specfial when you can't chew. I am hoping in the next month or two I will be able to take care of those teeth that broke and then start on my new dentures. Social Security doesn't allow a lot of extra money for that kind of things.

I got a $20 raise and already my rent has gone up $10, dish has gone up $5 and my vision insurance has gone up $3 and that my friends is how a cost of living raise goes. Nothing left for the higher gas or grocery prices. Oh well hoping I will get so tired of the things I can eat that I will eat less and lose some of this weight I keep working on. Gained all I worked so hard to lose back while in Louisiana. Part of the reason is because of the way they eat and also because I was down with my back and the weather back there just leaves me a mess.

Have a great weekend everyone and Diane I hope your air clears soon. Maybe our weather will take a short trip up I 5 soon! lol

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Well since I got Thurs and Friday mixed up yesterday - figured I'd stop by and say hi again now that it is REALLY Friday - thank goodness.

Lily - This is the time of year when you guys down there have all the nice weather. Seems strange that Redding is so close but the weather is so different. However, come June that kind of turns around. You have that wonderful lake down there though and that does make the heat much easier to put up with. I am sorry about the dental work. A friend of mine has been going through the same thing and it is miserable to not be able to get in and get it done right away. It is all so expensive. I hope you can get it done soon! Your neighbors are really lucky to have someone like you who takes the time and makes the effort to "get things going" -- so many of us (and I admit to being one) sort of wait around thinking someone else is going to do it. But I think we all need that sort of thing to look forward to.

I'm so wired on this Prednisone (slept 3 hours last night), I feel like I could just about handle shopping the Mall on Sunday. Katie, I bet you have much cooler malls than we do. I know I miss the malls we had in San Diego and stores like the Nordstrom Rack. The closest Nordstrom is in Eugene, 2-1/2 hours north, and it's not very big. Our little mall is nice, but small and I think 80% of the stores are geared to the under-25 group.

Thanks to the Pred, I've gotten all my laundry caught up, cleaned out the fridge and freezer, so now think I'll vacuum. Might as well take advantage, right :)

Have a good one everybody.

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Hi! WOW Diane, I didn't know prednisone gave people energy! Maybe I should get some. LOL

I know what you mean about picky eaters. I have the same problem here. I still cook food "California" style I guess you might say and everyone in Illinois eats food fried in lard. I can't accept that for myself and even though I will cook with lard for them I won't eat it myself. I like to cook, but it seems since it's healthy food they don't want it. I should just stop all together I think sometimes :(

Temps here last night dropped below zero and only about 17 degrees this afternoon. No snow though so I guess I can live with it.

For the Sunday game I don't plan on watching it. I'm sure Russ will so I'll just play on the computer or read a book I guess.

Have a nice week end everyone!

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