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Plant based diet

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I recently heard this phrase and have been reading how beneficial it is in general. In talking to a friend that rigidly practices it, it sounds the same as vegan. Another friend feeds her family in moderation. Both tout the healthful benefits of such a diet. What do you all know of this? Thanks :)

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I have a friend who tried the juicing way of life for a few months. She said her energy levels were higher, her skin looked great, and she got a lot of compliments about looking younger. She couldn't swing it with her 3 kids, so she has backed off from it. However she really taps back in to juicing when she isn't feeling well. I'd ask your doctor before you decide to try something like this. SOme veggies have reactions with certain medications.


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Plant based foods i.e fresh fruits and vegetables are more rich in vitamins, fiber, mineral, and nutrition etc.

So these foods provide more support to fight against the diseases and maintain a good health.

Also take these plant based foods along with other foods to get more healthy foods elements in your diet.

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