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I didn't see a more appropriate board for this.....

my disability check came today, the first one with the back pay!!!!! Thanking God for the blessing☺ I had not been informed I had been approved so it is extra appreciated. We can breathe a bit easier now. AND my monthly will be just short of what I was making at the school, which tells you not much but more than unemployment was providing as welcome as that has been. I was at the end of it so once again, in the eleventh hour ♫

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HOORAY for $$!! That 1st check with the back pay was a pleasant surprise for me as well. The money was direct deposited into my acct the same day the note arrived explaining what was paid and what to expect.

I hadn't even thought of DI until someone told me to look into it. When reading thru the info online about what illnesses are usually covered online with just Dr info and no trips to the office or anything I was both surprised and sad to see Pancoast Tumor got it's own special spot on the list. It required a 6 month wait so my timing was just right to apply.

Go buy yourself a lil something special! Even if you can't go crazy with it, a small treat is always deserved after a "windfall" shows up :D:idea:

Take care!

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