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Saturday's air


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Sorry that I haven't been around more but trying to get a few things finished before my surgery on Tuesday. Also just doing a few things to make myself relax. I am not good at getting things done. I always get nervous.

Weather here has been outstanding but a change is coming next week. Can't complain. I will be home bound for several days so it won't really bother me and we do need the rain. We were ahead but January and February were very dry and if you know California you know that if you don't have enough rain by May you are not going to get it. Summers are about 99%dry.

Yesterday I spoke to Robert's nieces. Didn't know he had even one but he has two. They live a distance south of here but have came up to see to his needs. They told me that he is doing really well and wanting to come home. Really not sure when that will be but they are sitting up a few things to help him out when he does get home. Not sure what his problem was diagnosed as but his niece agreed with me that it sounded like a siezure or stroke due to the bleeding of some kind of cut in his mouth. He has siezure medication but may have not been taking it. Always good to hear good news about someone. Bad news seems to ge so much more attention.

Well I have a few things to take care of then will have a busy afternoon and evening. I plan to take advantage of all of our activities today because next week I will be missing them.

Take care everyone and have a great week. Not sure when I will post again. When I can I will put a quick update on facebook and maybe someone can relay it here. Will be back here in a week or so.

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