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Tuesday's Air


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Happy Tuesday everyone :wink:

Snowing like heck again here today. Weather report says that temps on Friday will be 57 degrees though. Bikini weather? :shock:

Tomorrow will be Russ's parents 66th Wedding Anniversary. Can you believe 66 years.....WOW! I'm hoping to take them out for supper but ya never know with his dad. At 88 yrs of age he can get pretty cranky so ya can't tell about his moods. His Mom is adorable and has the patience of a saint I think. LOL

With all this snow outside I'm trying to decide what to cook today. The cupboards are getting kinda bare.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

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Sorry I am coming in so late! Long morning at the farm meant kind of a slug afternoon.

Michelle, we are supposed to be getting snow tomorrow too. I am so over it!

Today was one of my farm days. For those who don't know, I volunteer on a rescue farm by helping to run a preschool program. The "Tiny Trotters" get a tour of the farm, feed and pet the animals, cuddle guinea pigs, do a craft, listen to a story and have a pony ride. I used to always be the person who took them on the tour, but I haven't done that since I started chemo last July. Well the new tour guide wasnt there today so I had to do it - I think it was way too much for the "new me". I am totally wiped out. I have kind of sunk into the couch, and I don't think I will be making dinner tonight! It WAS nice though!

Hope you all had wonderful days!


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