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Friday's Air


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Happy Friday Everyone! Weather here today is nice compared to the past several days. It's in the mid 50's and the sun is shining. Although another cold front is on the way :roll:

I got to lift Russ up in the scoop tractor today. He needed to cut some limbs off the trees out here. Amazing how he trusts this city girl who never ever heard of a scoop tractor in my life.

We're still planning to go the the storage auction this week end. I asked one of the women I know if she had ever gone to one and she said she actually found a bunch of things that she just loves. So......maybe I'll get lucky? I really like the iron wagon wheels to place around the yard. Maybe I'll find some of those :)

Well, off to play outside before we lose that beautiful sun!

Have a good day!

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Our weather is about the same here - and I just love the blue sky. Have to admit I've never heard of a scoop tractor, but glad you didn't drop him :) I don't think the weather is supposed to be this nice into the weekend, but I'm hoping so we can work in the yard. (Well to be honest, Chuck works in the yard and I "supervise")!

Good luck at the auction - it should be really interesting. I can never figure out why, if someone has valuable things in a storage area, they would just walk away from it, but apparently it happens. Will be waiting to hear how it went and how many cool things you find.

Has anyone heard from Janet? I am so hoping her trip to Boston went well. I hope Lily's getting back on her feet and will be back soon.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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