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Sunday Air


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I hope everyone is having a nice weekend. Our weather has turned colder and cloudy, but not actually a lot of rain.

My husband decided this was the weekend to clean out the garage, so I'm trying to help. (Actually I'm trying to make sure he doesn't throw out things he shouldn't and that he does throw out things he should). :)

I'm going to dinner and the theatre with a friend tonight which should be fun. Her husband doesn't like to go much, and neither does mine, so we get together at the beginning of the season and pick out a half dozen or so shows we want to see. Most have been really good.

Hope everyone is having a good day.

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Hi everyone! It's snowing here again :? We did go to the storage auction today I had mentioned in earlier "Air" posts. They only had four left and good grief.....I couldn't believe the junk in them. It was like four huge trash cans. The last one was loaded with broken toys and get this.......brace yourself.....dirty diapers. (puke) Needless to say we came home without bidding. LOL

After the storage auction experience we took Russ's daughter out for lunch. I wish she weren't so busy and they could spend more time together, but she is going to school and working two jobs, so busy busy busy :)

I've been in a fog the last couple days. I lost my best friend on Friday. Very sudden and unexpected. I think I need to do all I can to keep busy and I'm sure you all understand that.

Anyway......headed out to the shop to start a wood fire and watch Russ work on something called a Bush Hog.....what ever that is?????

See ya all tomorrow! ((hugs))

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