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Tuesday's Air


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It's almost 5pm and I'm the first one here? Maybe everyone is having spring weather? Not here yet. It's in the mid 30's and weather channel says it will continue for the next few days.

Had big plans to be productive today and it didn't quite work out too well. I did go to the market, came home and made salisbury steak for dinner. Everyone here eats their big meal of the day around noon. Not sure I like that idea but I'll get used to it someday. In California the big meal was in the evening.

I have several magazines that I've been going thru that are just loaded with spring gardening ideas. I can't wait to get out there and play in the dirt :) I did notice my tulips have broken ground so that will be nice to see.

Not much else going on here.....so I hope everyone is having a great day! Oh and congrats Katie on your new assistant!

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Not a big day here either. Weather is cloudy - but not too cold. Was supposed to rain, but I haven't seen any.

I remember my mother telling me that they (she lived on a farm) always had their main meal at noon. I've probably got this wrong - but I think she said they called the big noon meal dinner, and the lighter evening meal supper. Also I think I've read that it is a healthier way to live than to have your biggest meal in the evening as most of us do. I don't think I'd ever get my husband to change though.

I love Salisbury steak and don't know why I don't fix it very often.

Hope everyone has a nice evening.

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