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Saturday's air


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Good morning. I woke to sunshine and a few clouds but we are told there is a good chance of rain for tonight and tomorrow. Temperaturs are still wonderful. I am sitting here at my desk with the window open next to me and a fan on.

All of the talk about acctivities for tomorrow remind me of when my kids and grandkids were little. I have to say that I do miss being with them for those holidays but things are still different with them all now. My oldest son and my granddaughter and her familh have all gone to spend Easter weekend at a campground. His other daughter and her husband are about 4 hours from them stationed at Fort Polk so they will not be with the family. My daughter spent yesterday evening with her kids helping my oldest grandson and his girl friend move into the new house that they just singed on yesterday. It is so beautiful and we watched it being built while I was there. I am really proud of them. The plans for tomorrow is for them to go to my youngest son's for a bar b que. The only small child who will be there to recieve Easter baskets is McKenna, my one year old great granddaughter. Needless to say being the first child, first grandchild and first God child she will have enough to make up for 20 others :!:

As for me I will be spending Easter alone. I am still not able to get out and even though I can probably drive I am afraid the my car will leave me stranded and right now I sure don't need that. One day soon if I ever get back on my feet financially and over all of these problems acquired sense my first surgery last August I will get it fixed. So I have a chicken I thawed out to cook and I know that sometime during the day one of my neighbors will drop by. For now that will have to do and I am ok with it. There was a time when I would have been miserable just thinking of spending a holiday alone but that was before someone very special taught me that I am a strong and able person. He taught me to respect myself and that it is me who makes me whole not the ones around me.

So again I will say happy Easter to all of you. May your days be filled with happiness and an abundance of love.

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hugs to ya.. enjoy peace and quiet and enjoy some time reflecting on family and friends.... I have to work so don't feel to bad !!! :D A Happy Easter to you and your family as well Lilly..

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