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Hi everyone! Guess it's slow around here lately because we're all out playing in the nice weather :D

My life here in Illinois is so different than it was in California. Going from a population of millions to a tiny town of 600. City life.....then farm country LOL I spend a lot of time helping cut down trees and even mowing takes two of us about 3 hours. Good thing we have riding mowers because I'm too old :|

I went to my very first auction last Sunday. I found a little table with two chairs I wanted so decided to bid on it. I put my ticket in the air and just held it there. I wasn't about to let anyone else have it. Then someone told me I didn't need to just hold it up like that because I was out bidding myself. Oh well.....live and learn right?

We just lost three little kittens in the last couple days. Turns out there is a big fat possum that's gotten to them. Russ says he's going out tonight with the shotgun and wait for him. Coming from the city the idea of shooting something is so hard for me to handle but that's life in the country!

Hope everyone is doing well and having fun :) Cya soon!

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Yea Katie it is a big change for me. If someone had told me a few years ago that this is the life I would be living I would have tole them the were crazy. But, losing a spouse changes a person in ways many would never understand. I'm learning to just make the best of things I guess. But I'm as happy as I deserve to be?

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