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Sunday Air

Bruce u

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Hey folks

One of those miserable days here today. Not raining but really foggy and misty. The kind if you are working outside you get wet without realizing it.

Eric the Proclaimers songs are "I'm on my way " and "Letter to America". they were on the jukebox when I bought it. You can still buy old 45's online. I bought some awhile ago for .50 each. Kiss, Lynard Skynard, Grease, The Monkee's. Probably you're type of music Mike. Well not sure about Grease or The Monkee's. LOL

Diane that was great you had family visiting. I don't have many family members still here either. Actually there were only 5 families of Underhay's in Newfoundland when I was growing up. I think there were only 3 boy's to carry on the name. Hey did you know that Newfoundland is the first place in North America to see the sunrise and St. John's is the oldest City in North America.

Well better get off my butt and get some work done. Thanks for turning out the light Mike

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Thanks for opening Bruce. I’m getting a really late start today. Stayed up until 2 a.m. talking to my cousins – had a great time but I’m not used to burning the candle so late and don’t think I’m going to get much done today. Our weather has just been outstanding – wish I could send you some of this sunshine. That’s really interesting about Newfoundland and St. John – guess I never thought about where the sun would rise first. I’ve been to Montreal, but that’s about as close as I’ve gotten. I did have a Newfoundland dog once – great dog! :)

Mike, I was lucky enough to go to a Peter, Paul & Mary concert in D.C. – not totally sure of the date, but around ’64-65. I got married really young and started a family right away, so I never got to go to many concerts and have only been to 3 major concerts (not counting the state fair venues) in all these years. I did go to the first Beatle concert in D.C. I really wasn’t a big Beatle fan, but my girlfriends were and it was a huge deal. My mom – bless her heart – braved what was basically a blizzard to take us to the concert. We were in the second row, and I have never heard such screaming in all my life. I know I lost a little hearing to chemo – but I’m sure the girl sitting right behind me screaming “George! George!” at the top of her lungs contributed :lol: Years later we went to a Neal Diamond concert in San Diego. They were all good, but I have to say that for me the Peter, Paul & Mary concert was the best by far.

I’m off to try to finish watching Million Dollar Baby. It’s just one of those movies I’ve started a bunch of times but something always comes up and I don’t finish it – since I’m too tired for anything else today maybe I can finally find out how it ends.

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Hi Bruce and Diane. Hope you both had a nice Sunday. Bruce, We moved into a smaller home about a year ago and we needed to downsize a lot of stuff. I had about one hundred old albums from the sixties and early seventys that I hadn't played for years. Everything from neil young, bob Dylan, beatles to stones that I never played since cds came out. I thought it was time to get rid of them so I took them to Goodwill. About a month later I told my sister and she said WHAT? Those are worth a lot of money now because her son collects vinyl. Myself I don't think they were valuable but wish I would have held on to them a little longer to give to her son. Diane, your the only person I have ever talked to that has been to a beatles concert. I have only been to 4 or 5 because not to many big names come to Nebraska. I have seen Gordon Lightfoot, Doctor Hook, the Eagles, John Fogerty of CCR and Ricky Nelson shortly before his death. I hope the wind settles down a little here so I can get out and clean up the garden and other yard work before the snow starts flying. Something tells me its gonna be a long snowy winter. I hear that is what the farmers almanac is predicting. Have a nice week everyone.

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