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Thursday air


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First of all I'd like to start off by telling MIKE, that I literally laughed out loud in my office about your go cart comment. I so needed a laugh. I'm glad you seemed to have found a good remedy for you. Please keep us posted on what your doc reports.

Katie, thank you for opening the air yesterday.

I'm having an okay week. My daughter is getting pushed around at school and she has a test on the Civil War on Monday. That's a lot of stress for a 7 year old. She is resilient and I know she will stand tall to this bully and STILL ace her upcoming test. I believe it is situations like this that mold you into who you really are.

Ending on a brighter subject, I bought a step stool that is about 4 inches off the ground for my office. I put it under my desk. So now when I am at the computer my back wont strain. Believe it or not, I am SO darn happy about it. I found some happy yesterday. :)

What is your happy?

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Well I have tons of things to be grateful for – but ‘happy’ seems to be in short supply. We are so socked in with this dirty brown fog – day after day. The air quality is bad, and we are getting almost no rain, and the ski slopes can’t open. None of this is improving anyone’s mood. Everywhere you go people are crabby and short-tempered. All we need is a little sun – that would make me SO HAPPY!!!

You hear so much about bullying in schools today, but it seems especially sad to think it can start as young as 7. I know your daughter will handle it well, but she shouldn’t have to. I guess that is life though, and it seems kids have to grow up so much faster than my generation did.

Mike, if you are reading I hope you get your test results soon and they are great. Personally I think we should all have our results in 24 hours or less – and it can be done – but seems like that seldom happens. I wonder how patient the doctors would be if they were waiting for their own results?

I hope the sun is shining today for everyone ---

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Cindy, I hope the bullying comes to a stop for your daughter. At the Middle School here they have a huge sign on the front door that says No Bullying Allowed. I like that. I doubt it solves the problem completely but every little bit helps. I wish they would teach self esteem all thru the school years. A lot of kids don't get it at home and I truly believe people who feel good about them selfs don't feel the need to get high on drugs and alcohol. Shy kids are sitting ducks for bullies. Diane, is the dirty air still from the forest fires they had there a while back? I don't blame you for staying inside. When I go outside and smell someones wood burner in the air it tightens up my airways. Still no word about scan. I called and talked to his nurse this morning and she said they received the scan but onc. needs to look at it to see what it says and she would call me back with the results. That was 5 hours ago so you know how our minds get to working. He either found something on the scan and is making a plan of action for me or maybe he is just real busy. The later I hope. Have a nice day everyone.

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