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Finally received phone call this morning. Good news! :D Doc said no sign of any recurrent cancer or new cancer. Still Ned. Have to have a colonoscopy Monday morning tho to find out whats causing all my indigestion and gas. I think I may have IBS from the chemo. Seems like about that time my problem started. Couldn't believe my copay for that bottle of stuff you drink before hand was 75 dollars. Nice day in Nebraska weather wise today. Highs in the forties. Yesterday was blowing so hard Im surprised that any bark is left on the trees. Tomorrow is supposed to be another windy one so I want to get out and enjoy today. Thanks for your prayers and good thoughts everyone. Have a nice weekend. :D

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Great news Mike on the NED !!!!!

It is 48 here today and our normal would be around -22. Just weird weather this winter. Mike we had a really bad windstorm here Tuesday night. Winds were clocked at 72mph. Alot of tree's down and power was gone for 30 hours. I have big windows in my living room and I thought they were going to break or loose the roof. You could actually feel the house shaking and things were rattling on the walls.

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Mike - Congratulations on NED - great news!!! It's still socked in here with the fog, and cold. You can find the sun if you go to a higher elevation, but not down here in the valley. I feel really bad for our local ski resort - they never have a very long season as it is, and this year it looks iffy as to whether they will even be able to open. Definitely weird weather.

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