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New Member-Survivor

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I am a stage 1 survivor. Looking to connect with others. This is the first time I have ever joined an online support group or any support group for that matter. Took me a while to even make this step. Hope I am on the right forum.

I was diagnosed this past July and had surgery in September. Left my job in January, just feels like being on a roller coaster of emotions.



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Hi Debra

Let me the first to welcome you to a great site. Alot of members here have been on the same rollercoaster you feel that you are on now. I joined here in 2007 and "talking" with others that had walked in my shoes helped me more than I can say. I had lots of questions and the members here answered them from their own experience.

Like you I was stage 1b and had surgery. That was in 2007 and still all clear !!! I had my upper left lobe removed and followed that with 4 rounds of adjuvant chemo.

So tell us more about you Debra. Did you have chemo ?

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Welcome Debra! Congratulations on being a stage 1 survivor - it is always such a shock to be told you have lung cancer, but if you do then the earlier you are diagnosed the better. As Bruce said, this is a wonderful site to come to.

I hope you will come by often and let us know more about you.


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Hi Debra,

Welcome to LCSC. We are glad you are here with us. Please feel free to post in any board that you see fit in these forums. There are a lot of different inforative forums to choose from. Please take a look at our LUNGevity Events forum if you are looking to meet some of us in person. We also have an Off Topics forum that's fun and laid back.

Again, welcome! If you have any questions about this board please feel free to email me.

Sending you Hugs, Hope & Healing...

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