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Wednesday's Air


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Hi everyone! Not much activity in this forum lately. I imagine it's because the weather is starting to get nice for many. Not quite here yet though because it's only in the low 40's today with that nasty bad hair day wind ;(

Since moving from a big city in California to a tiny town in Illinois, I've been going stir crazy sometimes and decided to start myself a hobby. Went and bought a sewing machine and am attempting to make quilts! When I started piecing my first one together Russ looked at it and started laughing. I asked what was so funny and he said "It's just a pile of rags"! Well, that pile of "rags" came together and looks really beautiful. I am sooooo proud of myself. I'm addicted to watching you tube videos and planning my next project :)

Well, I hope everyone is doing well and I can't wait to hear what everyone is up to :)

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Hi Michelle - good for you! I love quilts and always thought making them would be such fun - but I never learned to sew. I'm super impressed - and sounds like you have the winters there to enjoy lots of beautiful quilts!

It is trying to warm up here and I think it's made it into the 60s most days lately - but the rain is back (which will be good come summer).

How is your foot?

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Hi Michelle,

Thank you for posting in here last week. Diane said she might like to post the "Air" on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Would you like to post on Wednesdays & Fridays? I wonder if everyone sees my name and isn't interested, lol.

I think it is so neat that you are sewing! How admirable! Feel free to post a photo. I've always wanted to learn how to sew. I made a couple of fleece "love knot" blankets when they were babies. I would make them in the winter so I could cover myself up with them as I made them.

Talk to you ladies soon.

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