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I would be curious to know how many lc patients also have complications from emphesyma(sp?). According to my dr. i have evidence of this and what he called "limited lung capacity". However, even with that i don't have a problem breathing at all and haven't needed oxygen. my checkup on Tuesday was good and CAT scan in December was also good. So for now, all is good! As a matter of fact now i need to lose weight, i've been on a steady feed my face mode since everyone kept telling me to eat,eat,eat. Then I FORGOT TO STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :oops: The dr. emphasized the fact that there is evidence pointing to being overweight and developing various cancers (breast, for one). So i don't have to go back to the dr. until the end of April - that gives me enough time to correct my evil ways!!!!!!!! :roll:


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At least your Onc will allow you to loose wight! Mine won't at all, I tell him I am bingeing, he says Good, I complain I have gained 13 pounds, he says oooo, that's great! Between the 10 pounds from quitting the ciggs and the 13 pounds since I started chemo, I am HUGE!

And I can't seem to gain control on my own, I am just going nuts and eating constantly.

I am afraid I don't have any info on the emphysimia (sp?)

Good Luck



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Joanie, I am in the same boat you are, they told me to eat, eat, eat and well......I did. I put on a considerable amount of weight which I had just spent the last 2 years loosing and now I do not have the energy to get out there and do it again..........yet!!!! I do not have any breathing issues except the bronchitis I am facing right now. No mention from the docs about needing O2 or emphazema.

David C

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