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Saturday's Air


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Hi everyone! We've been really busy today getting things outside done because we have several days of rain on the way. We have 2 riding mowers and it took us almost 3 hours to mow everything but it sure looks nice now! My allergies aren't too happy about it though :(

We have some corn to plant but have decided to wait until the rain passes which is good cuz I can't help with that much. I'm still suffering from this broken ankle of mine. I have pain non stop it seems like and this limp I have just kills my back :(

Well, more chores to do so.....gotta run. Hope everyone is having a great week end!

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Michelle - thanks for opening the air. I'm sorry your ankle is still hurting so much. I never broke mine, but only sprained it badly, and I remember how long it took for that to heal - I can't imagine how much worse a break must be. I hope it gets better really soon.

It is cold and rainy here - 50 something with a low of 36 tonight - and then next Wednesday/Thurs they are calling for mid 80s . . . much too drastic a change. I think I just have to accept the fact that I will have to keep both my summer and winter clothes out for awhile longer!

We are going camping at the coast for a week the middle of May, and although it will just be nice to get away for a few days whatever the weather - a little sun would sure be welcome.

Have a safe weekend everyone.

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