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Tarceva only

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Hello all,

Have any or many of the members wtih NSCLC been treated with Tarceva only? How are you doing, how long have you been taking it. What about your side effects.?

I know this has been used or in the market for less than 10 years.

Thank you for any insight and the best for everything.

Take care, Matilde

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Hi mattmirror,

Thank you for posting your question. We are working to find you an answer.

I put your question on our Facebook page hoping someone would drop in with some advice. Please try visting this pae and posting your question there. It's specific to NSCLC viewforum.php?f=38

Talk with you soon,


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Hi Matilda

I've been on Tarceva for one yr now. I have stage 4 right NSCLC that is EGFR +. The most common and desired side effect is skin rash. Yes, desired!

The rash is a good indicator it is working. Also, some loose stool or diarrhea is fairly common. But, you can manage this with Imodium and you learn what foods cause problems. My last scans showed the one remaining lung tumor is about the size of a pea and bones appear healed. Tarceva, for some is a wonder drug. Good luck:)

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