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Need assistance/support to help get dad home


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one of our former members here who was very active introduced me to an organization he used to help out when he could as a private pilot Always supported them and their work and tried to help promote them when necessary and they might be able to help you out..

Here is link to their site so it might be worth trying if you have not tried them yet...


this is the best I can do and hope they can help out in some way possible!!

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Thank you so much for your suggestion- unfortunately, my dad is too sick for that one as they must be ambulatory and dad needs constant meds, food, etc.. so would need two nurses and lots of equipment. :-( If you know of anyone who can help share his page to get attention, that would be a huge help... we're trying to reach media now and just don't have enough help since it's me running the fundraising and I'm also trying to spend last moments with my daddy.


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