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post-30980-141270981066_thumb.jpgpost-30980-141270981066_thumb.jpgHI everyone! I just ready Cindy's post and agree with her in the fact that it's a bit slow here lately because everyone is out enjoying some beautiful weather! We certainly need to get out as much as we can before that dreadful winter hits huh? Last winter be had over 5 ft hit us in one night! But, I was stuck inside in a wheelchair so I just watched it from the window. The chair is gone now and I'm walking although not perfect. My surgeon says we might have to remove all the metal plates, screws and rods from my ankle if I don't improve. ughhhhh If I agree to the surgery I want it done when the weather is bad and I'm inside anyway right?

Yesterday I completed another quilt top that I like a lot. I'll try to post a pic of one of the blocks. I just love the colors.

Today I'm canning green beans from the garden. Living in California my whole life I never learned how to do it, but here in Illinois it's a big thing. Not so sure I like it though. It's so much easier to go to the market and buy them in a can or frozen. LOL

Well, hope to hear from you soon and in the meantime.....enjoy your weather!

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