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My name is Rose. I am a 31/2 year cancer survivor of Stage 4 non small cell adenocarcinoma. I had one lobe of my lung removed in 9/11. My cancer recurred and the rest of my lung was removed in 3/13. No cancer has shown up in scans since then.

I recently signed up to be added to the LUNGevity mentor list. I am trying to learn my way around in this Tapatalk app. Hopefully I will be a quick learner :).

Six months after removal of my lung and two months following my last chemo treatment I walked a 5K, was not tired, and could have walked longer! I was 63 years old at the time and had been a couch potato most of my life.

I mention all that to say how very impressed I was with the results of the oncology rehab program I participated in. My physical and occupational therapists both walked the 5K with me. For me, regular exercise has helped me tremendously!

This cancer journey has sure been a roller coaster.

Connecting with others along the way has helped me so much. I looked forward to getting to know all of you!

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Hi Rose.  Wow you had two surgeries on the same side of your chest. 

Isn't it something how our bodies can adapt ?  I have a friend who also had lung cancer and had a lobe of lung removed,

then a few years later a tumor showed up on the other side.  So the took a lobe off that side also.  Bothe were different kinds of NSCLC !

She is doing well and goes to exercise everyday. Glad you are here to share your survival story and give support to those just starting.


Donna G

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Hi Rose, 

I am so excited that you signed up as a mentor. You play a vital part in providing hope. That's very ADMIRABLE! Will you be attending the HOPE Summit? 

 I just wanted to personally invite you to LUNGevity's 5th Annual HOPE Summit. I was told we still have a few hotel rooms available. Once you register please let me know and I can contact my colleague and let her know that I personally invited you.  It's a great opportunity to learn about which treatments are available and connect with others who are going through this journey as well. I will post the link below.




The $50 registration fee will cover materials, and meals for the weekend. Upon approval the travel grant would cover round trip airfare and 2 nights hotel stay.


After you register, then complete the travel grant application which is separate from the registration. http://lungevity.donordrive.com/assets/lungevity/files/$cms$/100/1140.pdf


I look forward to hearing back from you. -Best, Cindy

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Hi Donna,

Thanks for your welcoming words.

I look forward to participating here.

When my cancer recurred it was quite a shock. My pulmonologist was against removal of the rest of my lung at first. He was concerned that I might have too much difficulty breathing if I had just one lung. After some diagnostic tests were done he finally agreed. I have had very minimal problems with my breathing and only used oxygen for the first couple weeks following surgery. I have walked 1-3 mile walks several times a week for the past couple years except for the few months I was in chemo. I know people that have been able to do so while in chemo, but I was not one of them :)

Are you going to the Hope Summit this year? I am very excited about it!

Blessings, Rose

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I was not planning to go to Hope Summit.  I have 2 senior citizen dogs that I love .  I don't want them boarded.


Also, by the way, my husband was a Navy vet and I followed him everywhere.

I lived in Slidell 81'-84' , La and Abita Springs 93'-95' . I also lived twice in Gautier , Ms  77' to 81' and 95' to 97'.


I have been back up here in Minnesota since then, which was my husbands home state.  I 'm thinking you're warmer than us now.

It is 19.6 degrees this morning.  There is hope . Next week they predict we will go up to the 60's.


Have a great day.


Donna G

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Hi Donna

I am a Southern transplant myself .

Grew up in KS and met my husband in MO.

I have never been to MN but have heard how beautiful it is with all the lakes! I bet the summers are much nicer there without the humidity & humongous skeeters we have here :)

Understand about boarding the dogs.

We have a Boykin spaniel and he is not easy to travel with. For many years we had two toy poodles,

Starre and her daughter Minnie. We still miss them. They both lived very long lives and traveled with us often as they were good travelers. But when they got older they preferred being at home.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend :)


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