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chemo Questions


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Hi guys,

My mom just finished her fourth week of radiation and 3rd of Chemo. Radiation is 5 days a week, chemo is once.

So far she has not getten sick. She is beginning to get very tired and has a horribly sore throat. But as I understand those are effects from radiation.

Am I being naive in thinking that since the Chemo has not seemed to affect her yet it may not? She only has to go 3 more times. I am just wondering if its common for it to not start to affect people until after a few weeks. I am just trying to figure out what to expect.

Thanks to anyone who can help!!!


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It is hard to say what may happen as everyone is different. I had no real problems with chemo other than hair loss (still gone) and the fact that it worked to well and knocked out all my good blood cells also! Chemo is cummulative so the more you get the more posible effects there are. Your Mom may be one of the lucky ones that has no real side effects which would be wonderful.

God Bless,


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Mo is right, everyone reacts differently to chemo. I did not start feeling the effects until after my 2nd round and then the side effects really kicked in after the 3rd round. Mainly severe fatigue was my problem. Radiation at the same time as chemo only adds to the fatigue. I never had any problems with my throat but the doc gave me some stuff in case I did. I would ask your doc to give you some medication. Tell your mom we are all rooting for her.

David C

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