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  1. My prayers headed her way! God Bless, MO
  2. Fantstic News! Prayers headed your way for many, many more years! God bless you and the inpriration you have become! MO
  3. MO_Sugar


    Congratulations and special prayers to all who have taken on th duties. May God Bless each of you in your journey! MO
  4. I have a friend who works part time for the ACS. We are a small area so it doesn' warrent full time help but she likes it. She is a breast cancer survivor I believe and the assisted her at the start. God Bless, MO
  5. The latest report is I am checking in at 1pm tomorrow to have a fliud draw done and see if that will help. It sure can't hurt, lol. I am afraid my MN trip is off until I have some energy but the good news is, my boss came to me and asked if I wanted to be able to work from home for awhile!! Since 90% of what I do is on the internet and phones that may be the next option. God Bless and I will let you know if the drain works, MO
  6. Well, looks likes he** and high water made it to MO. Right now I have had to put a damper on my MN trip due to the lack of energy and stamina. Wouldn't be bad if I had a super sexxy cabana boy to give me a piggy back ride wherever I wanted to go but just the act of walking from the curb in to a store is about all I can handle right now. I am going for a chest x-ray today and hopefully a fluid draw tomorrow and we will see it that helps at all. Thursday I see Dr. Joe and we decide on chemo changes so I don't think Iwill be up to the trip on Friday. Makes me mad cause I was really looking forward to it but maybe it is for the best! God Bless you all, MO
  7. My nurse is trying to get it set up for me to go get a chest x-ray to see how much fluid has built up this time. We are hoping that a drain will make me feel a little better. I have NEVER felt as week as I do right now! The other suggestion was to drink some gatoraid to get my electrolites back on track. She is supposed to call me back shortly to let me know if it can be done today. Will fill you all in as I find out. Thank you for your prayers and god bless each of YOU! MO
  8. There were over 500 tornados reorted this week end in the midwest (including TX). Thanks be to God that none of our members were hit. God Bless, MO
  9. I don't usually complain but I feel like I am moving 50 steps backwards for each step forward. I have NO strength, no stamina, even holding my head up for any length of time is tiring! Typing makes my arms feel ike I have been doing a full days labor of some sort. This is driving me CRAZY!!! Going to the grocery store yesterday made me feel like they were going to have to haul my butt out on a gurney. I have increased my vitamin intake, eating more protien (still not eating very much of ANYTHING) trying to do at least a little excersise (that MAY last 3 minutes). Blood counts aren't to bad with the exception of plateletts. Liver is still working , kidneys are working. Any ideas? I am getting REALLY sick of watching Law and Order reruns this week end, lol. God Bless you all, MO
  10. A little rain, a little thunder, a bunch of wind and we made it through with just a few small branches down. I know up near the KC area the got hit pretty hard so my prayers are with anyone who had a hard time with the weather this week end. God Bless, MO
  11. So far we have had several tornados and funnel clouds in my county and it looks like it is going to keep up for a few hours. Saw the start of a few funnel clouds out over the lake but so far nothing on shore (as yet). Right now it has stopped raining but we are still under warning till 3:30pm. Prayers for the rest of the members who are in the storm area today, OK, AR, KS, MO, IL, IN, WI, MN. Stay safe and report in when you can! God Bless, MO
  12. God Bless all those who gave the ultimate to their country. MO
  13. What treatment plan has your Dr. suggested? God Bless, MO
  14. Jen, Everyone has a different outcome from chemo. I had no major side effects other than fatigue and lowered blood counts. I did not suffer from nausea which hits a lot of people. It just depends on the chemo regime and how YOU take it. There are several other drugs they can give you to avoid the nausea. What type of cancer have you been dx'd with and what is the treatment plan they have layed out? God Bless, MO
  15. MO_Sugar

    Prayers Please

    Thank you all so very much for the prayers and good wishes. They did NOT keep me which is a good thing. Ran some blood tests and got the results of my CT, NOT a good thing. The chest part has stayed the same (as I thought) the liver lesions have grown somewhat and multiplied by quite a few and I now have a mass on the left adrenal gland and the lymph nodes in my lower back area are involved which is what has been causing the pain. It also appears that I have a fluid build up and a "slight" case on pneumonia (sp). They will not do a drain as my plateletts are at 46 and they are afraid of a bleed. She said if things got worse they WOULD stick me in hospital, fill me full of plateletts and THEN do a drain. As for my loss of equilibrium, she feels I may have a sinus infection as she ran some basic neurological tests and it did not appear to be a problem with my brain. They may do a CT scan of it next week but for now she gave me some antibiotics to see if that helps. Since Doc is on vacation I won't find out till next week if we are going to change chemo (we BETTER) or what his plan is. I am afraid this is going to delay or put a halt to my MN trip as I don't think he is going to cut me loose for a week if we change chemo. In the mean time I have become a Darvocet junkie, lol. Thanks again for the prayers and good wishes and I will keep you up to date. God Bless, MO
  16. MO_Sugar

    Health Insurance

    EVERY state has an Insurance Commissioner, usually located near the state capitol. Contact them and have them check in to a suspected case of fraud OR TELL your insurance carrier that is your next step. I know in MO they have taken a couple of insurance companies to task and ended up getting payments. God Bless, MO
  17. Cat, I am so sorry you are having to deal with this. One "good" thing is that type of cancer is a slow(er) grower than sclc so you do have more time for options. You will be in my prayers! God Bless, MO
  18. Prayers and good wishes headed your way! God Bless, MO
  19. MO_Sugar

    Prayers Please

    Not a good way to start a holiday week end but I am headed up to my Doctors main office (90 miles away). I have been feeling down all week so today I asked them to run a check on my blood and see if I needed a transfusion. Turns out my blood is ok so now we don't know what is causing the problems. They want me to come up there so they can run some more tests and stick me in the "big" hospital if needed. All I know is it better be all worked out by the 3rd cause I AM going to MN come HE** or High water (which we have a lot of here right now, lol). I (or my daughter) will post whats happening later tonight. God Bless you all! Love, MO
  20. MO_Sugar

    1175 is next

    It was only March 30 when we hit our 1000th member and now we are looking at 1175. 175 people in under 2 months, amazing! It is so wonderful be be able to talk to others going through the same things we are and to be able to make a difference in someones journey. Welcome 1175, whoever you are! God Bless, MO
  21. Makwa, I just sent a PM to your mailbox. God Bless, MO
  22. I sort of changed jobs after I was dx'd. I stayed in the same company but received a promotion last August. I now have a job that I sit down just about all day and do research on the internet or make solicitation phone calls to past groups that have not been here for awhile. The job was pretty much created for me by my boss (God Love Him) because he saw how hard it was getting for me to be able to carry out the duties of my old job (lots of running around setting up events). I still assist with events when needed but now I work more on the planning side than the "working" side. this has allowed me to stay working full time (and keep my insurance!!!). God Bless, MO
  23. Adding my nickles worth, I am a Sales Manager at a large resort hotel and this is what I do. I help groups plan events, conferences, seminars what have you. They are not cheap to produce. In most cases the planner has to pay for meeting space, all meals, coffee breaks, snacks, AV Equipment (really expensive) they usually have the expenses of the "Guest speakers" and whatever fee they charge. Then they have to guarantee that they will utilize so many sleeping rooms. If they are off by more than 15% (usually) they have to make up the difference so if you block 100 rooms and only use 75 you will have to pay for 10 rooms. In the case of the CURE Conference I would estimate that the planners layed out quite a bit of money upfront, not knowing if this event would fly or not as it was the first one. From the sounds of it, more planning should have gone in to the speakers and the agenda but hopefully they will have learned for next year. God Bless, MO
  24. Welcome kreed. Sounds like your Mom is getting good treatment for her cancer and sounds like she is a fighter. Both of those things will help her battle this beast. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have. Someone here will have "been there done that" and be able to answer your question. Sorry you have to be here but glad you found us. God Bless, MO
  25. I am sorry you are not feeling up to par. Hopefully a couple days of rest will bring you back up. I HATE it when the dam* beer truck makes it's rounds!! God Bless, MO
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