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  1. I believe by resigning, his chances of receiving UE benefits are slim...that's probably the angle the Company wanted to take. Snowflake and Di, most of the damage was done by good ole E-mail... Cheryl did not have to do much but weather the storm, which she certainly did. Cheryl is of course on FEML. Though she wants to return, I'm not so sure I want her to. Right now, getting well is our main concern...what happens after that is up to her. I would like to see her oppen her own Counseling biz. She counsels all of the kids in the County and could probably very easily get them to switch o
  2. Not sure Shellie, I think it might have been a resign, "or else" type of deal. Jack
  3. Actually, she did comment on her eyes "strobing" after the procedure but didn't mention that happening during treatment. The nausea has subsided a little bit, but she is very tired. God bless her, last night @ midnight she crock potted a roast and also made brownies. The roast is for our supper tonight. She is an awesome cook and refuses to give up. She is a very strong woman and we are going to beat this. Jack
  4. For those who remember the episodes with Cheryl's boss and how awful he was treating her, I am proud to announce that he is no longer employed with her company. Hmmm.. I wonder what happened? The moral here... You don't have to put up with that kind of treatment and if it happens to you, document and pursue! Jack
  5. Hopefully this helps: Cheryl was first fitted with a mask made of plaster. They put you on the table and raise it up to the ceiling where the radiation begins. Some say a distinct odor appears for a brief moment. The smell occurs when the radiation changes the air quality from O2 to O3 for that short period of time. The whole treatment lasts less than 1 minute and is painless. You don't even have to shed your clothes. Please tell your Mother it is quite uneventful. There are some side effects, ie; hair loss. tiredness and some dizziness as well as some nausea. Cheryl is doing chemo w/ th
  6. Karen, You are a great support for her and I am sure she will gain strength from you thru this difficult time. You know you can call on me anytime. Yes, we are holding you, your Mum and Jane in our prayers. Cheryl
  7. We had the pleasure of talking with Lucie via the telephone the other night. Wow, what a beautiful, articulate lady she is and we really enjoyed the visit! The break will do you both good. and we are so happy to hear she is enjoying the things she likes. What a super caregiver you are Don. You are both so lucky to have each other as we are lucky to have you both. Enjoy the time off! Jack
  8. Hey Guys, I took my first chemo round of pills last at 11:00 pm. A couple of hours later I woke up vommiting. I did that all night, and up until now. I was up on the table getting radiation with the mask on, and started heaving. I didn't realize I was up so high, but paniced to get the mask off. Not that I had anything to throw up, but the thought of it was pretty nasty with the mask deal and all. I just ate some jello pudding and hope it stays down. That worked with radiation and chemo last time. I guess it sticks to your insides a bit more! ha! I haven't been able to keep water down
  9. Dear Friends, Just an update to let you know what the first WBR was like. I have had radiation to the chest area, so kind of knew what radiation was already like. I am also taking Temodar 125 mg. per day, it is an oral chemo. It helps the radiation to act more effectively to the brain. I have to tell you, I had no idea what to expect with WBR. I was was very relaxed going into treatment today, but later got a headache and cried for a good hour. I wish I could report I was a brave soldier, but alas I felt like my brain was swollen and felt very foggy headed. My eyes strobbed the whole w
  10. Angie, Thanks for the update, glad to hear from you. Glad the WBR is over for your Dad, and sorry about the pnemonia. How sweet you are to think of me. You are in my prayers sweet girl. Love, Cheryl
  11. David and Karen, I can think of nothing more frightening than the news you await. You have just undergone treatment, which could very well be scar tisue. I agree with others that have said to "preoccupy your thoughts with anything you can." JUST GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!!! I went to the movies and saw "The Fauckers", went to The Dallas Art Museum, walking, shopping, the book store, anything!!!! Just make yourself get up and moving. Otherwise, I would not get dressed and sleep all day. David, I am here for you and Karen if you need anything at all. Remember though, this could be nothing. C
  12. My insurance thinks that it is addictive and I don't need it???? I would like to put the Insurance Medical Director on a pretty high dose of steriods and then announce to him/ or her that "you have heavy metastisis to your brain. By the way, sleep well tonight if you can!" AAARRRGGG! All in the name of the all mighty dollar. It saddens me. I didn't get sick till I hit 43, and paid my premiums all those years. Go Figure? Cheryl
  13. TAnn, I am relieved for you by your news. "Stable with some shrinkage!" YEAH!!!!! Cheryl
  14. Thank you for the update! God Bless you and congratulations Kasey! Cheryl
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