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Constant Cough

Guest kjdenver

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Guest kjdenver


Thank you for your responses in the past, especially regarding my last question about pleural effusion. Your responses helped me to communicate much more effectively with our pulmonologist. Part of the pleural effusion has been removed but some pockets are harder to reach and the pulmonologist feels that we should wait before trying to tackle the pocket above the lung that is applying the greatest pressure due to the difficulty and potential danger in reaching it through the anterior.

My father has developed a persistent and deep cough with very little phlegm. We had high hopes that removing the pleural effusion would alleviate the cough but it has had little effect on the cough, although his breathing at rest is better. My father developed a similar deep cough prior to his original diagnosis of lung cancer.

We have a CT Scan scheduled for Feburary 3. Repeated X-Rays have given no indication that the tumor in the airway has returned after rounds of radiation and chemo, but I suspect the CT Scan will provide more information. The fluid from around the lung did NOT come back as malignant.

My question is whether anyone experiences this deep and persistent cough and is this a likely symptom that we are once again fighting the cancer in the airway?

My father is no longer eligible to receive radiation to the chest, but the pulmonologist said there are other options, including a bronchoscopy and laser treatment but he said that is not our first option. Our next meeting with the oncologist is February 16.

Please let me know if you have had experience with this cough and is there any relief in sight??

Many thanks and my prayers to everyone.


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I have just been diagnosed. I had a deep cough last summer when I tried to quit smoking. Then I started smoking again and stopped coughing. Then I had bronchitis that was hard to shake in Oct and Nov. Then I stopped coughing in Dec.. Now they say I have late stage, large tumour in right lung. I don't cough--maybe one or two short dry coughs a day. I don't understand this disease. The Doctor acted like I was lying when I said I dont have a bad cough. SO I cant help you. maybe others know.

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Like your father my tumor is also in an airway (the one to the top lobe of the right lung). The cough I have is that deep cough you describe. Starts with a throat tickle then comes from WAY down in the bottom of my right lung.

There could be a number of different causes for this and you'll have to work with the docs to find out just what is causing the problem.

There is some reliefe available though. I've been given Tesslon Pearls, a perscription cough suppressant that works wonders for me. You might ask you doctor about it.


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