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second-line chemo and Cost of Gleevec / Iressa


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My dad finished VP16 + Carbo at end of Sept of 2003. If my dad starts a second-line chemo, will my dad response to that chemo in around 5 months later?? I know about the drug resistant may happen and not sure this is for all cases.

If it is too short to have the second-line chemo, could my dad's lung tumor (2.4cm dia.) be treated by radiation first, then chemo?? What is the usual treatment plan?

We have consulted one private oncologist and he suggested my dad could try Gleeve if it is SCLC and try Iressa if it is NSCLC. But the cost is really expensive because we have to pay on our own. For Gleevec, it costs around USD3,600 per month and for Iressa, it costs around USD2,700 per month. Are these 2 genetic drugs promising??

I wish to know how much do these two drugs cost in US. Are you able to buy those drugs through some channels?

Looking forward to your advice & thank you. :)

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Have you ever asked the oncs about metronomic (low dose chemo?)dosing with COX-2?

Cary's father seems to be doing good with COX-2 (I know it doesnt necessarily mean your father will respond but this would be cheaper).

What happened to the TM? therapy and copper reduction - did you decide against this?

You may be able to contact Astra Zeneca directly and ask about ( I think it is called ) compassionate use. Sometimes I have read you make be able to get druges directly from the manufacturer.

Best of luck.

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