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I am currently battling Stage 4 non small cel lung cancer. Metastises in sacrum, brain ! Spine and possibly right ovary.


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I was being treated with Tarceva since Jan 2013 but it slowed down. Had a bone biopsy (second) of my sacrum which showed I also had squamous cells. The adeno cancer is still EGFR mutated. I have been put on chemo with Paxiltaxel/ carboplatin. Had second infusion last week. The bone pain was quite severe and I think next time I will take a Vicodin as the Tylenol didn't do much for it. I am finding food doesn't taste good anymore. The dr wants me to have an ultrasound on my right ovary because there is something there. My cancer was caused by radon in our home so please check your levels.

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You are so right about radon.  Invisible, colorless, odorless and in some places in the country radon is present in concentrations high enough to cause lung cancer.  Is your bone pain after infusion as a side effect?  If so, I had that side effect with taxol carboplatin.  Fortunately it is not common but for you and I, it is (was) a real problem.  My chemo nurse told me to note the time of onset of pain after infusion and start my narcotic pain meds about an hour before that time.  This worked for me.  Tylenol or other OTC meds didn't do a thing and then there was the discomfort occasionally if adding the bone pain caused by Neulasta.


I hope the chemotherapy arrests your disease.  Stay connected and...


Stay the course.



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