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Has anyone gone on SSD since their diagnosis?  I did and am curious when Medicare starts.  Is it 24 months from the "onset" of disabling diagnosis or 24 months from when you began receiving $$ benefits. Thank you in advance for any information.

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If I remember correctly, my SSD started 6 months after my diagnosis. I was fortunate to have short term disability through that time with my employer. You qualify for SSD quickly if you are diagnosed with a disease that will keep you away from work for 12 months or is expected to end in death. A stage 4 dx qualifies.

I don't remember at what time social security kicked in but it was automatic and I was notified by mail.

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My "approval" was from my initial diagnosis date, Feb. 20, 2014...but I didn't start getting SSD money until Sept. 2014 (waiting period).  So I'm curious which date they use to get to the 24 month waiting period for Medicare?

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