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Stage 1a & 1b bilaterial lung cancer


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Hi Giddyuppp.  ( do you like horses?)


I am a little confused with your post.  Are you saying you have lung cancer in bothe lungs?  Right and left?

Only a few days left until 2/4  .   I had surgery after chemo and radiation so I was wiped out before surgery but boy I was

glad that I had gotten to the point that they would do surgery to cut that cancer out of me.


It took several weeks to get off pain meds and start doing a regular day but here I am talking to you and I survived so

it was well worth it.


Please keep us posted on how you are doing.


Donna G

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Hi Giddyuppp59,

I too had tumors in both lungs. I had a right lobectomy on 6/22/15, was in the hospital with a drain for 4 days, released with pain meds - very manageable. Returned to work the 2nd week in July. I had chemo in July and August - 3 rounds, then a CT scan in Sept and then a left wedge resection on 10/19/15. This time in the hospital for 9 days, some complications & pneumonia. Pain again very manageable. Once I finished the pain med, was put on OTC pain meds, used them for 2 days then stopped. Went back to work on 11/17/15. I do not feel any different than I did before the surgery, except for minor shortness of breath, when I first wake up. Good luck to you on 2/4/16, I'll be thinking of you and hope all goes well!


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Hi giddyuppp59,

Welcome to the LCSC message boards. I found this great link on the LUNGevity http://www.lungevity.org/about-lung-cancer/lung-cancer-101/treatment-options/surgery Please let me know if you would like more information on any of LUNGevity's support services. We are here for you!



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Hi giddyuppp59, and all others,

I have the similar situation like giddyuppp59. Bilateral 1A and1B  . I am confused because I went strait to Thoracic surgeon. She did all the tests. no other oncologist involved meaning the conventional process was not maintained. Now TS want to move with surgery and scheduled that on 4/27. I did not give the consent yet and took a little time from her. 

I have no medical oncologist or any other specialist related to cancer. 

Should I go for it?  Any suggestion?

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