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Still Not Enough Awareness


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I haven't posted in so long, that I am not sure how the new site works.  I can't find my signature to update it, but suffice it to say I am still stable.  Please let me know if I've done something really wrong or posted in the wrong area.


Two  months ago during my six month check up my oncologist mentioned that with one exception (me), every single one of her female lung cancer patients was a never smoker.   Yesterday I had cataract surgery.  Because I am on oxygen 24/7, and it is difficult for me to lay flat for any length of time, I was sitting up chatting with the anesthesiologist while waiting for the eye surgeon.  He asked me about my lung cancer history, and of course his first question was, disappointingly, “were you a smoker?”.  After explaining that I had quit smoking 18 years ago I went on to fill him in on all the relevant up-to-date information I could, about the increased number of never or non-smokers diagnosed, the lack of funding, the lack of early detection for all kinds of reasons, including ignorance in the medical community which can make just getting dx difficult.  What bothered me most was how surprised and uninformed he seemed to be about it all.  He was polite and very receptive, and hopefully took some of what I said to heart, but he was young (probably late 30s) and I would have expected him to be more in touch with the reality.  I know awareness has come a long way, but it seems there are many just not getting the word. 





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Your post is find and you picked the right area - General, so well done!


Well done also on educating your doctor.  I believe oncologists (radiation and medical) are informed about the true connection between smoking and lung cancer.  Perhaps some pulmonologists may have appropriate insight also, but other doctors and especially specialists likely remain unaware.


Good job for cluing him in!


Stay the course.



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Hi Dianew,


Welcome back :


Ugh! I had the exact same experience with the girl in the orthopedic doctor's office when I fell and broke a finger. I gave her an earful of education as nice as I could. I also told her I was VERY disappointed about how few medical professionals know  about anything about cancer. I hate to admit it but I even asked her if she asked women with breast cancer personal questions about what age she gave birth, breast feeding and birth control/hormone use. Did she ask colorectal patients about fiber and fat intake...I almost felt bad about making her feel awkward, but she didn't exactly make me feel all warm & fuzzy   :shock:


I found my signature just the other day! I can actually be useful here, YAY me! Heheheee! Up at the top of this page at your user name there is a little arrow so you can get things to drop down. One of those things will be Settings ~ Click that and there on the left side of the page you will see Signature. Click on there and then I think also on the left is edit signature. It could also be right below your signature. Well, click that button, it will open a 2nd copy of your sig below the first one (or vice versa ~ you can only change the words in 1 of the 2). LOL!! Have fun and remember to click SAVE when done.


Be well,


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