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New to opening up.

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I was diagnosed Dec 2 2015 with a 6.2cm mass on my right lung right on the stem so no surgery available. I was in chemo within about 1-1/2 weeks and radiation for 35 days straight about 40 days later. I had 4 rounds of aggressive chemo, on one week, off the next 18 or so days. A lymph node was in the mass and they found another small spot on my right lung too, limited stage 3A. I responded well to treatment and am now "in remission" but going thru brain radiation preventative because my kind of cancer likes to go there. I have done 6 of 10 days on my brain then my treatment will be done. Im scared to death. I hadnt researched anything about it before now b/c everyone said not to, its not my diagnosis but I have felt hurt and tired all weekend and decided to look. All the info was very negative and brought me way down as far as any kind of surviving for any length goes. Does anyone have GOOD positive outcomes and info on longevity with this? I hope today finds everyone feeling good and having a good day. Thanks for listening.post-12113-0-38420200-1460336102_thumb.j

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Hi Sandra.  This is a great place to come .  It is a tough road and we need support.

I hope you have someone with you helping with appointments and another set of ears too.

There are times when it is so hard to listen and remember all the Doctor says.

I was stage 3B NSCLC diagnosed in December 1997.  I also started with chemo and radiation.


I pray you respond well to it also.  Please keep us posted on how you are doing.


Donna G

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