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Ground Glass Opacity

Bruce u

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I had a lobectomy on my left lung in 2007 and have been NED since. On a CT scan last month, there was what the Radiologist termed Opacities in the middle and lower lobe of the right lung. I think this is referred to as Ground Glass Opacity. Seven days before my CT scan, I was diagnosed with Bronchitis/Pneumonia. The Radiologist had in his report that the opacity may be from infection/inflammation and recommended to do another CT scan in 4 months. My GP set up an appointment with the original surgeon who did the lobectomy. She wanted his opinion on if he should do a scope to get a biopsy instead of waiting. He didn't mention that but referred me for a PET scan. He did say that Pneumonia may have been the cause of the opacity. I spoke with his secretary yesterday and she said that she understood it was now being changed to a CT scan. I am certainly hoping it is just infection from the Pneumonia. Just wondering if any other members have any experience with this Ground Glass Opacity ?

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I can't tell you how many times these words showed up on my CT scans.  Oh - the scanziety from not knowing, I know just where you are.  


Since my pneumonectomy and three subsequent surgeries to repair a bronchopleural fistula (2004), the scar tissue in my airway became a lodgment for all kinds of nasty pathogens.  The scar tissue is not well supplied with blood vessels and I regularly was (am still - I avoid school-aged children like the plague) put down with severe chest colds - some with pneumonia symptoms and several requiring hospital says to counter.  Of course, Murphy's Law says I'd have a CT scan 15 to 30 days after the chest infection and the famous Ground Glass Opacity (GGO) would raise its ugly head prompting "what do we do, what do we do" discussions with my oncologist on results revealed day.


In late 2005, one of these GGOs turned into an active tumor that was fortunately fried by CyberKnife.  Since however, all were resolved as remnants of a chest infection on repeat CT scan.  So, they deserve to be watched.  Of course, you know a PET would answer the issue definitively and would hope you can convince one of your docs to get back on the PET trail.


Stay the course.



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Thanks Tom I appreciate your reply.

I have done alot of research over the last 8 years on cancer but never had any reason to research GGO.

So if it is just infection from the Pneumonia, they will just disappear? I know was still feeling congested the day I had the CT scan but it is a 7 week wait so I went not knowing about GGO's. I had a chest x ray the end of November and that was all clear. The Ct scan was for something else but i asked my GP to add the chest.

Two weeks after my CT scan I went for a PFT. The results were the same as last year with the exception of the diffuser test. That one was just a few percent lower and the Respitory Technologist attributed it to lasting effects of the Pneumonia. She also said it is common for that test to fluctuate.

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