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Stage 4 NSCLC YIKES!!!


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Went to my PCP with shoulder pain only to learn that the pain was caused by a tumor on my left rib cage which had metastasized from a primary Squamous Cell tumor on my right lung.  Neither tumor was particularly large...at least according to my radiation oncologist...but stage 4 by definition.  The pain is under control following radiation of the bone tumor, and I'm currently six weeks into chemo...part of a clinical trial which includes infusion of immunotherapy drug along with standard chemo.  Just had my first CT scan since the first day of treatment, so will be discussing whatever progress has been made with my oncologist when I see him next Tuesday.

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Hello  .  Glad you found us.  I also went to the doctor for pain.  I thought it was an orthopedic type

of pain.  Turned out I had a tumor pressing on my chest wall and nerves going down my arm.

Are they going to give you radiation of the other tumor also?  

How are you tolerating the treatment.  Any side affects?  Please keep us posted on how you

and doing and what the next plan is.  Also feel free to ask questions.  We want to help.  We

have been on this journey.


Donna G

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