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Returned lung cancer

Craig Holtzman

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  Just want to know how to cope with this outcome! Second time around and only one possibility, surgery is not possible unless I live on a ventilator for life. One procedure left and I doubt I'm a candidate! I'm terrified and only fifty seven years old!

its basically a death sentence and I'll know the timeline by the end of next week! I trust in God and I'm an extreme fighter. Any suggestions from anyone?


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I'm not sure that anyone copes with lung cancer regardless of treatment possibilities.  The disease flat beats on coping.  I had 4 treatment failures in 5 attempts - a 200 batting average - in the course of 3 years.  I also had a 6-month timeline but somehow one treatment came along that worked and I've lived for 12 years.

I think we need to know more about your disease (type - stage - past therapy) to have suggestions for you.  Take some time and fill us in.  We might have some ideas for you to consider.

Stay the course.


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