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Advanced Lung Adenocarcinoma

Gunjan Jha

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Detected in March 2016 as stage 2B initially in right lower lobe, treatment follows with 3# cisplastin + permetrexed then Right Lower Lobectomy in July 1st week, then stage 3 was revealed and then another one chemotherapy, then from August 25# radiation therapy. Treatment ended in September end and then I was asked for PET scan to check status in December start. My voice was suppressed since 10 days before this December PET - seemed because of cold, which was revealed in the full body PET scan report for positive FDG uptake with soft mass in hypopharynx which is supressing the voice box. Another left lung nodules are also showing positive, and the operation site of right lung lower portion is showing soft mass uptake. Rest are not affected.. I am getting treatment from Tata memorial hospital Mumbai with one of the best set of doctors in India.. Another treatment plan is in-line by Monday / Tuesday untill next Biopsy report comes.

What are the chances of cure and how many here have undergone somewhat similar case and since it's now an advanced lung cancer ( Stage 4 because of metastasis which is being tested now ) Kindly share your views on next line of treatment.

Doctors are thinking to start immuno therapy / targetted therapy / palliative chemotherapy according to reports of biopsy.

Anyone here who has got well with good quality of life after getting treated for Advanced Lung Adenocarcinoma ?

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Gunjan Jha,

Welcome to LUNGevity!

Anyone with good quality of life after treatment for advanced lung cancer?  Yes, plenty of us here!  Read some of our stories in the "Share Your Lung Cancer Story" portion of our site.

Our treatment experience is almost parallel.  I also had pre-surgical chemo (taxol and carboplatin) and radiation.  Then my entire right lung was removed.  Tumors appeared in my remaining lung and was again treated with taxol and carboplatin.  A year later, a single tumor was found and I had additional taxol and carboplatin with a then new oral chemotherapy drug called Tarceva.  About 8 months after this round of chemo, the left lung tumor reappeared and I had CyberKnife treatment. So diagnosed in February 2004 and NED (no evidence of disease [what we now call cure]) in March 2007.  Three years of treatment to achieve NED.

So my first view of treatment is that treating lung cancer is like watching a cricket match.  They are long matches!  Lung cancer is persistant and prepare for not only a next line of treatment but the line after and the line after that.

You are right, there are remarkable advances in Targeted Therapy and now immunotherapy and many here have experience with these new treatments.  These treatments are primarily aimed at your type -- adenocarcinoma.

Here is some information on targeted therapy and immunotherapy that you may find helpful.  Now let's talk about the most important thing you mentioned in your introduction: "good quality of life."

I believe that if one chooses treatment, then one is choosing life.  Treatment often extends life but when I was in treatment, I didn't take time to appreciate my extension.  I didn't take time to enjoy myself.  I became too mired in treatment and failed to realize it is possible to enjoy life and undergo lung cancer treatment.  It is a lesson learned that I pass to you.  If you enjoyed activities before lung cancer, then strive to enjoy them with lung cancer.  Find things to enjoy each day -- that is the secret to good quality of life.

Stay the course.


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