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Confused and scared..... some more insight please


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OK, I have posted before about having a low dose CT scan on 2/15 showing a 7.2mm solid nodule with GG attenuation in my RUL peripheral.  Followed by a PET that showed  MILD 1.5 SUV MAX uptake on nodule and a HIGH 4 uptake SUV MAX on my right lung Hilar lymph nodes . (The radiologist in Miami  Beach had it incorrectly labeled a 8mm nodule, and failed to find the Hilar uptake in his report and the resident and radiologist at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester upon review updated the information correctly).  While at Mayo on 3/28 I did a 2nd CT scan with and without contrast and the 7.2mm solid portion nodule reduced in size to 6MM and the GG attenuation largely disappeared. In volume terms that is a 42% reduction in 41 days plus the GG. So I went from despair about learning my lymph nodes were PET positive to relief my nodule was becoming much smaller.  I departed Mayo feeling like it was infectious or a reactionary nodule and I didn't have lung cancer.  I am returning on June 23rd for another scan to determine the progress.

My concern is that reading online it is reported that 20% of lung cancers have shown a decline in size before growing and cancer diagnosis. When I look at studies like the Nelson study, that exceeds the percentage of nodules that show decline in general. So now I feel it has no impact on my potential diagnosis. Any insights?  Does anybody has any research to support that a reduction in nodule size is a good thing and not insignificant? Please help me feeling sad now.


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Im new to this and dont understand any of the radiology reports or shrinking nodes etc but some on here will know exactly what these things mean so hang in there taxmeless and im sure you will get some sound advice ...my nodule size was stable for 2 yrs while being scanned for surveillance of a different cancer from 5 yrs ago and it had grown by 1.7 mm this time so then biopsy and pet scan followed and its a nsclc adenocarcinoma measuring 13mm which has been surgically removed along with a smaller nodule and now chemo so i know the fear and sadness of living with this monster called cancer but i like to think im living with cancer and not dying from cancer and that keeps me in a much better frame of mind so hugs to you and hang in there it may not be as bad as you are dreading .

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Mally, sorry you had the unfortunate experience you are going through. My prayers are that your surgery and treatment will eliminate any future problems. Thanks for the support and response and wish you all the best.

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