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Radiation Finished....

Denise G

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As I stated in my introduction I was diagnosed with Stage 1A Squamous NSCLC and have just finished 10 intensive radiation sessions spread over a three week period. So far very few side effects: less energy and slightly sore rib cage. No skin problems but I've been faithfully using Miadern lotion every day. My doctors tell me no chemo is necessary. So I now settle in to play a waiting game for my 2 month CT scan.  I check this forum almost daily to see what's been going on!

Tom, I read your book and cannot imagine everything you have gone through. You are one strong, determined person. I admire your courage.

My best to everyone 

Denise G.

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I was wondering how your treatment was proceeding.  Glad it is finished and sorry you need to endure the 2 months of CT scanziety!

Thank you for complementing me on my book but in truth, my wife is one strong, determined person.  I can't imagine anyone going through this nightmare alone and hope you have someone close who can accompany you to consultations and listen to your concerns, and motivate!

I guess we will know the success of your first line treatment by the 3rd week of June.  Stay connected in the intervening period but don't forget the purpose of lung cancer treatment -- to extend life.  So enjoy these two months and celebrate life.

Stay the course.


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