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Help- Questions for Doc?

Julie in SoCal

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Hi there, Friends!

Friday I'll go back to the surgeon's office to get my stitches out (Can't wait!!!) and hear my biopsy results.  I hate it that I have had to wait 2 weeks to hear my results, but it is what it is. In my other cancer world I get scans in the morning and then see the doc in the afternoon. I'm a total cancer princess with very little waiting! Basically I'm just not used to waiting 2 weeks.  But now I'm just complaining :-o.

My questions for you all are:  What questions should I be asking my surgeon?  I can see asking about clear margins and staging. How about tumor biomarkers-yes? anything else?

Thanks for your help!!!



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Ask about restrictions on flying in a airliner. Cabin pressure and thoracic incisions generally don't mix. So I'd want the surgeon's guesstimate as to when you can have pain free flight. 

Also ensure you get complete information on problem indicators to watch for. For example, might excessive coughing from a chest cold be of concern. Also, avoid school-aged children and all folks coughing at all cost!  You do not want to catch something. 

Stay the course. 


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