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Rash w/ immunotherapy?


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Has anyone experienced serious rash with immunotherapy? If so, what did you do for it? And did it cause you to discontinue therapy or were you able to manage it?

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HI there,

I've had 4 types of immunotherapy for melanoma treatment but have never had a rash.  Some of my melahomies have had them, though.  

Check out this search results page of a melanoma site I'm on.  There's lots of posts on immunotherapy and rashes and some possible good ideas.



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I have heard from many patients on IOs (immunotherapy drugs) who have had rash and some studies show that about half of people who are on it have a dermatalogic effect.  Anti-histamines, steroids and topic gels and ointments can be prescribed to help manage this- please check with your doctor first before treating the rash yourself.  

Here is a bit more information : 



Hope that helps.  Please do keep us posted and let us know what works for you!



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