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Hi all again I'm full of communication here tonight working out in my mind and hopefully my treatment decisions will help me along the good path ...I'm sure they are going to want to do radiation to my head again and u did so well last year I'm willing to do it ....I am on thw other hand wanting to do Radiation on my chest too but concerned in the effects of my lung and bronchial effects after as I'm very fearful of having to use oxegen after .it would be done by cyber knife  does anyone have any opinions or suggestions?

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I believe your question is about the effects of CyberKnfe or stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) administered to tumors in the chest.  And, if this type of radiation would cause you to need to use oxygen after it is performed.

I can't answer definitively about oxygen.  I think there are many factors that would cause a doctor to order oxygen therapy and radiation therapy would be just one such factor.  I can speak to the benefits of CyberKnife from personal experience.  I had a CyberKnife procedure performed on a stubborn tumor in my left lung.  It eliminated the tumor in but three 30 minute sessions. So, it worked for me.  I hope this addresses your question.

Stay the course.


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