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New Trial question

David Sevey

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Ok so now that I have reached the end of possible treatments Stanford hospital revaluated me and I qualify for 2 phase 1 trials. 

I was told 1 was an immunotherapy and the other is a chemotherapy.  One is called JTX2011 the other is Macrogenx MGD00** I didn't write all the numbers down.

I am a little nervous due to my bad experience with immunotherapy previously.   Has anyone had experience with either of these?  I go this coming Tuesday to meet with the trial teams to decide if I am willing to go through with either trial.  

During my recent hospital stay for flu and pneumonia, I was told that my cancer has grown  a lot since my last scan




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I don't have any information other than a Jounce Theraputics press release on JTX 2011 available on "dr. google".  

ALL HANDS..... anyone with information on JTX-2011 or Macrogenex MGD phase 1 trails please chime in and give David some feedback.

Stay the course.


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Hi, David,

How did your appointment go yesterday? Please share an update when you can. LUNGevity Clinical Trial Ambassadors are volunteers available to offer information about their personal experiences with clinical trials to fellow lung cancer patients who are considering these as a treatment option. Please let me know if you'd like more information about the program and how to get connected.

With gratitude,


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