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NeoTect Scans....

Fay A.

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NeoTect is a nuclear med scan that is supposed to be more specific to lung cancer. Somewhere around 80% of lung cancers have Somastatin Receptors, so in NeoTect Scanning they use radioactive Somastatin instead of the glucose used in PET imaging. NeoTect is supposed to be more sensitive when dealing with slower growing tumors (well differentiated to moderately differentiated), which sometimes do not show up on PET imaging. (BAC can be present and not show up on PET Scans.)

The other thing is that NeoTect scans are done on the same machines that VQ Scans are done on, so most hospitals can do the scan. Here are links to information on some of this. I include a link that explains a bit about some of the peptides used in targeting tumor cells.

Hope this helps...

http://www.bentham.org/cmcaca1-1/sickin ... ngerms.htm


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