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Just wondering if anyone has heard of any new research to treat lung cancer that has the KRAS mutation. Up to this point, researchers had not had success with this particular form of cancer.




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Hi, Ro,

The SU2C-American Cancer Society Lung Cancer Dream Team is bringing together developing new therapeutics for patients with KRAS that bring together both targeted therapy drugs and immunotherapies. The team is led by Dr. Jedd Wolchok, MD, PhD, Dr. Pasi Jänne, MD, PhD, and Dr. Alice Shaw, MD, PhD. The team includes more than 35 specialists from these 8 institutions with the largest lung cancer research programs in the United States.

Here is an overview of their team and their research goals: https://www.lungcancerdreamteam.org/

They will be giving an update on their progress this fall! We will be sure to share the news in this community. Here is an update that they provided last fall: https://www.cancer.org/latest-news/lung-cancer-dream-team-makes-progress.html

With gratitude,

Digital Community Manager
LUNGevity Foundation


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Thanks so much for that information. Last I had heard they had not been having great success with targeting KRAS..this seems very hopeful that in the future something will be available.

Take care and thanks so much again!!



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