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Pancoast cancer


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Good afternoon-i am new here so i hope someone will help-i had pancoast cancer resection 6 weeks ago t3n0m0 removed all have to do cjemo again for safty--how long does pain underarm and arm last because it nust seems to linger

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Hello Kenny.  Welcome to our support group.  I am a Pancoast Tumor survivor !   Dr. Pancoast who years ago set up the treatment for a tumor in the apex of the lung did a great job.

( The tumor was named after him because he set up the treatment for this lung cancer.)   I also had chemo and radiation before surgery and more chemo after surgery.

  I was diagnosed in December 1997 !   I'll be celebrating 21 years of survival in December.   

I had pain down my arm  and my chest wall and found out at the doctors it was due to the tumor pressing on nerves and my chest wall.  After surgery the pain was different for it was due  ribs being broken and muscles stretched to get at the tumor..  It lasted for a while . 

All of the treatment was really worth it for I am still alive !  Please keep us posted on how you are doing.  

Donna G

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