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Hubby will finish his last palliative radiation treatment tomorrow and has decided to continue with Keytruda after speaking with the oncologist two wks ago.  It was a rough week he had a cardiologist appointment that same week and the dr released him saying there was no point in continuing his meds or seeing him again as the tumor was growing and he had in his opinion months to live; on the other hand the oncologist was more encouraging he suggested doing the radiation and then start up with the keytruda again hoping that once again it would shrink the tumor.  What a confusing mess we both felt as if we didn't know who to believe so my husband sided with the oncologist so no hospice yet. 

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Good to hear from you again. Sorry about the mixed signals from your husband’s doctors. I think additional radiation and Keytruda is a good plan. I’m a believer in the abscopal effect from radiation. It likely saved my life. 

Merry Christmas and stay the course. 


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Hi, bes,

We're thinking about you and your husband. How are you doing? We're sorry it's been a difficult time lately, but glad to hear that you have a new plan!

Please check in when you can.

With gratitude,

Digital Community Manager
LUNGevity Foundation

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