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medical privacy


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I am newly Dxed with inoperable Stage IV adeno. I am around DeanCarl's age and have just moved to my current location where I know no one except my husband, who after nearly a year of looking finally found employment--not great employment, but we are thankful. However, it is with a small company and we fear that my Dx will give them some reason to "let him go" as it will effect their insurance rates (we assume) and they are pretty much anti-smoking company. I have yet to find out the correct answer as to what information the insurance company is legally able to give the employer. So far my husband has just said cancer, but not the type. I know it is illegal to fire someone for medical condition of themselves or a family member, but you and I both know that it is easy to be fired for any number of other reasons to mask the real reason.

We are scared and want to know if anyone else knows about the privacy of my dx. or have any similar experience


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sorry I cannot help you on this--I am not sure if the company has access to the medical records---

however, I know when my Company changed and became self-insured with an insurance company as the administer, I did have to sign a release for my medical records---I asked why me and no one else? They said they needed to tell them (the administers) how much my company could be liable for ? Made no sense to me but I did it---

sorry cannot help you but wish you the best in your fight against cancer

perhaps you can consult the legal aid society and they can help? or I would try on-line searches

best wishes

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Guest Karen C.

If they are a small company they are probably not self-insured, which, it seems to me, would reduce the likelihood that they will have access or find out about your condition. However, for peace of mind, you might want to call the local Legal Aid Society or an attorney referral line and consult with a lawyer who deals with these types of issues and see what they have to say. This kind of thing probably also varies from state to state. Or, try not to worry about it unless it does come up and then deal with it by talking to a lawyer. You may just be worried about nothing. Have they done anything to make you think you're being targeted? If not, you might want to just not worry about it.

Keep us posted and good luck.

Karen C.

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