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Types of Lung Cancer


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I have just been told I've got a 4cm x 4cm mass on my right lung. I will be having a CT scan on Thursday and a lung biopsy next Monday so until then I don't know anything more. In the UK patients seem to be treated as numbers rather than people and unless we ask questions, we're not told any detail except them telling us we have Lung Cancer (for example). I know this from when my husband was diagnosed with lymphoma. It was only after finding groups such as this one that I was made aware that there are several different types of lymphoma and members very kindly told me what questions I needed answers to. Could anybody give me advice as to what questions to ask after the lung biopsy so that I know what type of demon I'm up against.

Thanks, Joanie

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Welcome, Joanie.

I found a good place to start is www.webmd.com The site also has links to other sites with MORE information on each type of lung cancer...

Before you convince yourself it's cancer, be aware that there ARE infections that can be living in a lung that show up as a mass (sarcodosis is one - not sure I spelled that correctly). Usually, the infections are treated with antibiotics and/or steroids and clear up. Here's hoping that's what ails ya!

...and if it's not a mere infection, come and join our little family.


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