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also lost 64 pounds and thought I was doing really well on a strict KETO diet......now I don't know. I am such a newbie.....never used a forum...guess you find your way around eventually??

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You've got an overfull plate!

Sorry to learn about your dance with diagnostics and really hope the mass turns out to be benign. In case it does not, I suggest you read in to our disease.  Here is a good start. You've got a new vocabulary to master, and I believe knowledge about any cancer and lung cancer in particular confers power to ask the "terribly perceptive question" about treatment or methods.

I'm a fifteen year survivor of late stage diagnosed non small cell lung cancer. I had 4 surgeries, conventional radiation, 18 infusions of Taxol and Carboplatin, targeted therapy in the form of Tarceva, and precision radiation.  This is a distillation of my lessons learned in my survival journey.

Welcome here.  You'll hear from others soon. This is a good place to ask questions. While not doctors, we are very experienced and knowledgable lung cancer survivors.

Stay the course.


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