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Julie in SoCal

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Hi there friends,

Is anyone on Vizimpro?  My Rock Star doc is suggesting this. Does anyone have experience with it?  

The deets: Stage 4 (T1aN3M1a) NSCLC Adenocarcinoma EGFR exon 21 L858R.

Thanks in advance,


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Were you already on Tagrisso?  That is usually the next line of treatment for you.  

I am on both Vizimpro and Tagrisso.  I'm exon 19 deletion but I know Tag works for exon 21 L858R as well.  I had my first scan since starting treatment and I had a 45% decrease in primary tumor size.  I have other complications and I can get into that in another post.  

Viz is a 2G kinase inhibitor.  Tag is 3G TKI.  I'm not sure what the difference b/w KI and TKI.  I do know that Tagrisso has proven to be very effective in breaking the brain barrier to address brain mets.  

Either way, if you have any further questions, please comment or PM me.  I see no one has responded since your 6/10 post.  There is an active community of EGFR Resistors on FB if you are so inclined.  

Best Wishes,


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Thanks Joe,

I misunderstood my doc.  I'll be on Tagrisso starting next week sometime.  Seems like lots of people are on Tagrisso.

Thanks for your response. 

Trust Viz + Tag will do the trick for you!


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